Cropping Scrapbooking and Card Making Art or Crafts

Cropping and scrapbooking review. Tools, merchandise and vendor show.

I always considered myself a Fine Artist not a Crafter. I thought that Crafters were just people with too much time on their hands with a drawer full of decorative paper, some ribbon and a bunch of glue sticks. I look back on that attitude with deep embarrassment and chagrin as I have seen the passion, creativity, commitment and skill involved in producing a product that is considered a Craft not to mention the tools, techniques and product that are available.

Trade ShowsI recently attended a convention of scrapbooking vendors in Loveland, Colorado called Crop-A-Roo. You can visit their website at for upcoming shows and information. It was a veritable cornucopia of color and style. Every booth had a different flavor and personality. I saw everything from on-line publishers to altered book artists to card makers and scrapbookers.

Freeze Frame Tool I am now a convert to the Cult of Croppers! And, incidentally I bought a few new tools one of which is a handy little item called the Freeze Fame The product was created by a group of scrapbookers in Winner, South Dakota. The Freeze Frame allows you to create an intricate layout using a variety of embellishments and items and then “freeze” or immobilize the design and turn it over for gluing in place. I plan to use it for working with mosaic tiles. The screen or frame that is placed on your design has a tacky surface but leaves absolutely no residue on your items or pictures.

Die Cutters On my wish list now is a die-cutter! I can see how a die-cutter can boost your production, especially if your are making cards and custom invitations for the re-sale market and craft shows. Buying a die-cutter requires a little research as they are expensive and there are so many on the market now. Some die-cutters are programmable with elaborate software and others take pre-made dies that are purchased separately and inserted into the machine. I have a lot to learn about die-cutters.

Thrift Store Findings

My other resource for scrapbooking and card making is the local thrift store where I dig through volumes of old clothes, toys, belts and purses looking for ways to re-purpose the buttons and embellishments that I remove from these cast off items. It is a great money saver and the items you find are truly unique.

Oh, so many tools, so little time! My shelves are filling with boxes and containers of decorative paper, ribbons, embellishments, punches, stamps and glue sticks. And, I just can’t end this article without saying what a great bunch of warmhearted kind and creative people I met at the event.

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